1907 Chinese Imperial Post Third issue 1c +1c green reply paid double cards, 118mm frame distance, both halves intact. Beyond a rectangular yellow spot, on the back of the reply part the appearance is very good. Message card with bold characters and reply part with thin characters, reply part with “White Flower”. 118mm frame distance for double cards has not been discovered before as far as we know. 清三次片双片118毫米间距, 正片粗体字,回片细体字,回片邮资符誌白花。118毫米间距双片此前未见记录过,应是首次发现。除了一长方形的黄色斑点在回片的背面外,品相完美,参展佳品.

Lot nr.: 884

Starting bid: 25000 SEK

Result: 28000 SEK

Status: psc ?

Category: PSC & PPC CHINA 中国邮政用品

Auction is running, closing date: 24th Feb. 2019 at 24:00 CET

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