1949 North-West China SG:NW94, Ya:NWL17 Ningxia Yinchuan hand surch. with “Peoples Posts/Temporarily used” $50 on 4c SYS Silver Yuan stamp block of 6 with bottom margin, used with Ningxia/Shizuishan(宁夏石嘴山)/1949.11.22 cds. This stamp was issued from 10th Oct. to 28th Oct. 1949, only 19 days. Postal used stamps are more rare than unused stamps. This block of 6 is the largest used unit we knew so far. Very rare. 宁夏银川加盖人民邮政暂作伍拾圆于中华邮政孙像4分基数票,信销6方连,销宁夏石嘴山1949.11.22邮戳。此票只发售19天,实际使用极少,信销6方连是我们所知最大方连,极罕见,解放区邮集组集佳品。

Lot nr.: 247

Starting bid: 9000 SEK

Result: 31000 SEK

Status: ⊙ ?

Category: LIBERATED AREA解放区邮票

Catalogue no.: SG: NW94, Ya: NWL17

The auction is closed, unsold lots can be purchased until Sept. 30.

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