1968 Oct 9. Large cover (for official use of Asea) sent from Beijing to Västerås, Sweden, franked with complete sets of W5,W11-13,S74,W7(only 4f),C119,C121 and S74. A fantastic cover with so many popular stamps. According to the letter, the sender was employed by the very well-known Swedish company Asea, he worked as a technical responsible for the equipment manufactured by Asea for China. Most of the stamps are in very good condition, despite such a large envelope, which is also unusual. 贴如此多老纪特文革票的大信封实寄极为难得精彩. 根据封内信函,寄件人受雇于瑞典知名公司Asea (所使用的信封是Asea公司的公函封),他是Asea为中国制造的设备的技术负责人。 如此大的信封且大多数邮票处于非常好的状态,这也很不寻常。

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Result: 20250 SEK

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Category: POSTAL HISTORY PRC 新中国邮史

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