90 Covers and 4 cards sent to or from Sven Hedin (except some related to family Hedin) from 1888 to ca.1950´s, incl. 4 covers sent from or to Sven Hedin in 1888-1890 when he was a student in Stockholm, Uppsala and Berlin. A cover sent from Sven to his father Ludvig from Christiania in Norway 1889. A registered cover sent from Baku (Azerbaijan, was then Russian territory) to his father Ludvig 1891, during his second trip to Persia, the cover arrived in Stockholm almost at the same time as he returned to Stockholm in March 1891. Covers sent to Sven Hedin in Russia, India, China and Sweden, among other things, two registered covers for Karshgar 1900 and 1901 respectively, a PPC from Tirupatur Rammad De, cover from Russia to Peking, two Mourning covers (one from The Royal Palace in Stockholm), a small cover from Vichy Spain, a cover sent from Gyantse, Tibet via Indian Post Office 1947,15 covers from USA. Covers sent by Sven Hedin from Austria, Denmark, Russia, England, Persia, British India, Ceylon, Germany, Turkey, Japan, China (Tihwa, Peking ,Kweisui ) and USA to Sweden, incl. many covers sent from or via Russia. A fantastic collection with some rare covers and a great opportunity for all Sven Hedin collectors. Entire lot illustrated on our website.

Lot nr.: 884

Starting bid: 50000 SEK

Result: 165000 SEK

Status: Cov/Card ?


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